A Good iPhone Repair Shop in Boca Raton

Just the other I dropped my iPhone on the ground outside. It was concrete, yes it was. As you can imagine, the whole screen cracked and the phone was not working at all. We searched for about 2 hours looking for iphone repair boca raton shops and called about 8 of them. Out of all of them we only thought that 1 of them was actually a good solid repair shop. They really cared about me and my phone, and that you can tell right away when your talking to someone. They were super nice, helped out in every way possible, and the prices they charge were very competitive. No matter what is wrong with your phone, whether its your screen, buttons, battery, they will fix it and fix it right the first time around. When I went back to pick up the phone it was pretty much brand new. Shiny, slick, pretty, all of those things it was. I took them about 2 hours to complete the repair  which I think is excellent turn around time. And they were extremely busy to add to that. If you live in South Florida, then your best bet is to just bring what you need fixed into them. If your not from this area then you should just mail it in. They are super quick with mail ins as well. All around they are just a excellent iPhone repair shop, no doubt about that. If you check out their site you will see a bunch of useful tips and tricks as well as some cleaning and maintenance info as well. The review page is filled with tons of reviews, all saying how great of a job they did. If you broke your iPhone, or if something happens in the future, we highly recommend using iPhone Is Broken for the repair. Maybe if you mention reading this you might get a few bucks off the price. I hope you enjoyed this and make sure to have a great day, and night.