Another Vape Review Site Post

Today I am writing again about a awesome Vape site that writes great reviews. They are exactly like the previous site I just wrote about, meaning they don’t take free stuff from companies to write positive reviews in return. They have written 3-4 reviews in the past week or two, and they are awesome. One of the new fantastic reviews is a Herakles Plus Sub Ohm Tank Review that has lots of great information and pictures at the end. They go over a description in a few paragraphs, then they do a quick spec area with bullets of the main features, then the do bullets of the coils available and the wicking material, then it goes on to what’s included in the box when you buy it, then they give you two or three places to buy the product with a coupon code for each Online Vape Shop. Then finally they have about six to eight pictures at the end. All in all its a great product review with lots of great information that can be used to make a decision on whether to buy the product or not buy it. I love their reviews and I know a lot of other people like them as well. The best part of their site and what they do is the fact that they will never ever accept anything for free to write a review that’s positive. The only way it’s a good review is if the product is actually good.

The other review they just write is of a new DNA 200 Box Mod, and we all know that these devices have been really popular and all that anyone has been raving about. I agree that these Mods with the Evolv chip are awesome, they really have ironed up a new area where you can completely customize your device and personalize it. They happened to do a Wismec Reuleaux DNA 200 Review which is just as good as the one we talked about in the previous paragraph. This site and the guys running it are some of the best, most honest, and nicest people we have ever met. And that clearly shows in the work they are doing for the Vape Community. You should definitely go and check their site out now, and for sure before you every make a online purchase. You never k now what you may find out by reading one of their top notch reviews. It could even save you from making a bad purchase. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and click on either of the links we posted and get reading. Ok guys and girls, that should be it for today, remember that we only post reviews of local companies and websites that we have used and have experience with. Now go have yourself a great weekend.