Best Computer Repair In Lake Worth

Good morning everyone. I know its been a month or so since we have done a reviews, but we are back today to tell you about a great local company. Today I am going to talk about a great local computer repair shop, located in lake Worth Florida. Right now it’s just a one man show, but the quality of service is excellent and the pricing is the best around town. All you have to do is set up an appointment and the rest is as easy as 1,2,3. You also do not have to worry about what the cost is going to be because it’s based on flat rate pricing. So no more worrying about how long the repair will take, or thinking about if they are milking the clock just to earn more money from you. All of those concerns are now gone because you already know what the total cost is going to be before they actually get started.

The company I am raving about here is called PC Revive and their service areas are based out of South Florida. They handle about 5-6 different cities and they are mobile so they come right out to your location to get the job done. We have used them a few times over the past 2 months and they always get the computer repaired within an hour. No matter what the problem is or how big it is, they can handle it and fix it right the first time around. We firmly believe they are the best lake worth computer repair shop and that is out of hundreds of companies in the city. And trust me when I say this, we have used many different computer repair shops and non of them are as good as this guy. And that is why we say they are the best around.

No matter what the problem is they can fix it for you or your company. They will repair any desktop or laptop that has issues. Whether it’s a complete system restore, or if there are viruses and malware, or it’s just running slowly, they will get it up and running like it’s a brand new computer that came right from the factory. It’s hard to find the perfect computer guy, you know the one you can call and just ask those stupid questions to, or the one that is available during business lunch hours, or the one who will stay on the phone with you for an hour just to make sure the problem is actually fixed. Well this guy over at PC Revive will do all of the above and more, just to make sure you are a happy customer.

So look no further, if you need one of your home computers fixed or if you are a business owner and have multiple pc’s that are broken just check out this guys website for more info. And then you can set up an appointment for him to come out. He is usually available the same day. Just follow one of the links above and get more information about his services and available times to come out and help. Ok well that’s it for today, I hope this helped a few people out. Have a wonderful day.