Best Internet Marketing Firm In Florida

Most of you know by now that having a good Internet Marketing Strategy is the key to online success. This includes a SEO Program to increase your visibility and boost your Organic Search Results. If your in Florida then you need to find the best¬†SEO Florida¬†Company to help you out with this. As the title says, they are the best seo company in Florida. We believe that SEOjus fits that bill. They are pretty well known in the are and do a great job at actually getting results. We have used them on a bunch of our sites and we have had nothing but positive improvements in our Organic Search Ranking. The reason why we decided to write about this today is because recently there has been a lot of talk about SEO Companies not getting results and just taking clients money. SO we basically wanted to tell you guys that this is not the case everywhere, as we said, the results we have gotten from SEOjus are just outstanding. We got page 1 results withing 30 days and they have not moved from there at all. We know they only use ethical white hat tactics and they send us reports every week. The Program we chose was their 10 Keyword package, which is definitely affordable considering the rates some companies re charging right now. We have seen 90-% of the keywords hit page 1 so far. And keep in mind it’s been just about 30 days now.

SEOjus gave us some tips as far as what to do for our on-page optimization. Since our site is based on a custom CMS and it is controlled by our other office, we felt it was best for them to handle just the off-page optimization. They told us to optimize our Page Titles. Those are the titles that show in the search results that are click-able. You should have the keyword you are targeting for in this for that specific page. They also pointed out that we had no images, so we added images and used the proper alt tags for that page. We edited the body content a little so that it matched the keywords we were targeting. We implemented a H1 and H2 Tag to separate the content and make it stand out. Then we added some more unique original content to the previous stuff. Next we linked out to a reputable resource that has some high authority for our niche industry. What was also brought to our attention by SEOjus was our load time of our pages. It was taking a little too much time, so we enabled caching, and then compressed the images we added. this helped a little so we just left that alone for the time being. Finally, we re did our internal linking structure. The words that we used to link to other pages were generic words that did not do us or our users any good. These were just some of the tips they gave us, and that we implemented. We hoped this article helped you out a little, and we really do recommend using SEOjus for your Intent Marketing and SEO needs. Make sure to tell them that we sent you there. Thanks for reading!