Manhattan Movers – Best Moving Company in Manhattan

Today I am going to tell you guys and gals about a recent moving experience I had while I was up in Manhattan, New York visiting a good friend. This friend of mine was moving and he needed to find a good moving company to help him out. He called a few places but they didn’t seem right for him, so I told him I would handle it. I went to Google and searched for Manhattan Movers and found tons of these companies to choose from. I started to call them and ask a bunch of questions that I thought was important for my friend. I got all sorts of sales pitches, and it was like a bait and switch type of tactic. Like telling me one price and then on moving day all of a sudden it’s a few hundred dollars more than the initial agreed upon quoted price. There was finally one that I found that seemed honest, had tons of great reviews all across the web, and was very polite and helpful when I called. I had all my questions answered completely, and was very satisfied with what I now knew and was told. I set up one of their free on site estimate appointments and waited for them to come. yes, they did come out the same day, wow right? Once they came that is when I really knew that I had the right place. So nice, so service oriented, and to add to the greatness their pricing was extremely competitive with all the other companies in the area.

I then found out that they are a environmentally friendly moving company. This is generally called a Green Company, and that just closed the deal for me, since I am really into the environment and trying to keep it clean and green. I do feel that Serenity Movers is the best Moving Company around town, and that was later proved when they started the whole moving process. Their vehicles use clean burning bio diesel fuel for their moves, they pack your items in reusable plastic containers, and they collect used cardboard boxes and transform them into recycled packing material, which is used instead of that bubble wrap that most moving companies use. I was very impressed at their whole operation, from start to finish. They came out and packed everything up into those special plastic containers, without breaking anything at all. Then once everything was loaded into their special truck, they took off into the city while burning clean diesel fuel. Once they got to the destination they started to unload everything, in an organized and efficient manner, which made it much easier to bring into the correct spots of the new house. Once they got everything in the right place, they started to unpack it all, again not damaging or scratching anything in the process. In the end, my fiend and I were very satisfied with their services, and highly recommend Serenity Movers for any move you need to make whether it be in Manhattan, Bronx, or any other City in NYC.

Just so you all know, these guys are probably the best darn movers in the whole NYC area. They are by far one of the best Manhattan Moving Companies around town and this we can say from using them many times over the past few years. There is not one thing bad that we have to say about their work and about them. They are very honest from the beginning, their work is flawless, the prices they have are extremely affordable, and they know how to do a stress free move. If you have any doubt sat all, just go ahead and check out all of their online reviews that people and customers have been posting for many years. Keep in mind that they have been in business for over 15 years, which means they have done a lot of moves, and dealt with thousands of people along the way. That many years of doing the same thing is a very valuable treasure that cannot be bought or found anywhere. They have the knowledge and experience to handle any type of move whether it’s big or small, residential or commercial, or anything in between. Go ahead and check out their site now for more information about their services and pricing, you will definitely not be disappointed.