The Best Local SEO Company Out There

A few months ago we came across a SEO Company that was highly recommended to us by another company we do business with. After meeting with them in person we felt like they were the best fit for us. This Local SEO Company so far has done some really great work, and it is paying off every day. In only a few weeks they have gotten 8 of our keywords to page 1, and tons of leads every day. We really couldn’t be any happier with their SEO Services, and we must say, f your in the market for a SEO Firm, then you need to get in touch with these guys. When we first met with them we had lots of questions, literally a hundred. They were very patient with us, answered them completely, and we left feeling like they were very experienced and knowledgeable. We are not in the business of just recommending anyone or any company, we have built up a great name for ourselves and we would not jeopardize it for anything. The owner of NaturalSEOJuice is very hands on with the company, and takes part in the day to day operations. The customer service is exceptional, and we are in communication with them on a daily basis. Being involved in the whole process makes us feel good about them working for us. There are no mysteries, no hidden messages, it’s all out on the table.

The first thing they did was the keyword research. We gave them what we thought were the best words for us, and they came back with what they thought. After that they did a analysis of our site. This included our layout, title tags, internal linking, structure, and lots more. After editing a much of things, they did some more on-page optimization and sent us a report of everything that was done. Just that alone boosted our results a couple of pages. Then they stated to build links to the site. They checked out our link profile, and they said that we were very lucky, it was very very natural so far. They sent another report with that information, and their plans for the links they were going to build. Every step of the way we have been informed, and this is not that common. Like we said, we are very happy with what they have done so far, and we look forward to working with them for many years to come. Check out if you are serious about getting your site to the top of the search engines. They only use Natural / Organic Ranking Methods, and it is all White-hat and legal, as well as abiding by the guidelines. This gives us a extra sense of security, knowing that we will not have any penalties or anything negative happen to our site. They really do have the best SEO Services out there right now, so do not wait any longer, take advantage of what they have to offer. Mention seeing this post and you might get some special treatment, or a discount, just maybe, thanks for reading this and have yourselves a wonderful day 😉